Wordpress password reset url

WordPress password reset URL

by Expert of Tech

In this article, we will learn how to reset WordPress passwords and recover WordPress password reset URL step by step. 

WordPress password reset url

If you find a direct URL to reset the WordPress password then you are at the right place. Copy the below code and paste it after the domain name. then you will redirect to the WordPress password reset link. Like the below screenshot. 

Enter email to reset WordPress password

Then, enter your admin email to get a password reset in the inbox. But, don’t forget to check the spam folder. sometimes the email goes to the spam folder.

Important tips to manage password

To easily manage all of your passwords you can use a password manager. There are so many passwords management tools. But I recommend using google password manager So you never forget the password of any website and software.

Additional tips to create a strong password.

Firstly, always create a unique password for each account. Secondly, use a symbol as a password, not only a character.

In conclusion, That’s all about it. But, if you face any difficulties, feel free to contact one of our experts or email me. I will respond ASAP. To learn more about WordPress speed optimization, click here.